Winery Math

A Calculator Designed for Winemakers

Built based on the requests of professional winemakers, Winery Math is an app that helps simplify the calculations needed in winemaking. Whether it's figuring out how many bottle of wine a tank will fill, or how much Potassium Metabisufate is needed to preserve the wine, many of the various calculations that a winemaker commonly uses is automated with this app.

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What can Winery Math do?

Handle Conversions

Convert between units commonly used in winemaking

Winery Math will help you convert between common units of mass, volume and temperature. Units include standard ones such as Liters and Pounds as well as winery specific ones including bottles and barrels.

Calculate Properties

Use Winery Math to calculate sugar levels, potential alcohol, desired Sulphur Dioxide levels, and more

Calculate propertes of the wine including Brix levels and TA levels using common measurements. Automatically adjust for temperature and concentrations - no more lookup tables to make up for the differences.

Calculate Adjustments

Need to figure how much acid or yeast nutrients to add before fermentation?  Winery Math can help with that.

Calculate how much of various additives to add to make the adjustments needed. If it's to adjust common traits (brix, acid, SO2), then the app will figure out based on the levels you desire. For other additives the program will help you figure out how much to add for the volume of wine that you have.

....and other functions including SO2 adjustments, calculating additives, and chaptalizating or watering back your must.

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